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All papers submitted to Cairo Studies in English, should be in WORD format. The submission should include the following:

  1. Title page author and affiliation,
  2. Abstract and keywords,
  3. Paper (introduction, material and methodology, analysis, results, conclusion; works cited). The submission should be in the range of 6000-8000 words all-inclusive. Please note this is a double-blind reviewed journal so please refrain from adding your name in the header of the paper

Submission Style:

    • Style guidelines: Font (Times New Roman TNR12); Paper Title (Times New Roman 13 Bold Center); Author (TNR13 Bold Italics).
    • Page organization: Single-Spaced; Justified; 0.5cm paragraph indention; 0.5 left and right quotation indention
    • Headings:
      • First-level headings (Indented, Bold, and Capitalised);
      • Second-level headings (Indented; Bold and Italicised);
      • Third-level heading (Indented, Bold; ends with full-stop and is followed immediately by text).
      • In the case of heading numbering (same rules but without indentation: 1; 1.1.; 2.; 2.2.; 2.3.; etc).
    • Referencing: CSE uses the Chicago Author-Date Citation Style:


Artwork submission guidelines:

Artwork is a general term that includes digitally created artwork such as images, memes, paintings, and videos.

Sizing of Artwork:

a- Recommended resolution: 300 - 400 dpi

b- Recommended file type: GIF, JPG, or PNG

c- Recommended position: any artwork should be placed in the middle of the article right after the text reference to it.

Citing Artwork:

a- It should follow the latest guidelines of Chicago Citation Guide (17th Edition) (See the help sheet: Turabian-Tip-Sheet-9.pdf (

b- Regarding digital artwork, a caption should be placed directly under the artwork. The caption includes figure number (e.g., Fig. 1), title of the artwork, a brief description of the content of the artwork, source of the artwork, the specific date of the post, and its URL. 

Peer Review

  • Editorial assessment: at this initial stage, the volume editors act as referees who screen and assess the submissions in accordance to their relevance to the topic and standard of academic research. Accepted papers will then move to the next step.
  • Peer reviews: screened submissions are assigned 2 reviewers who will be asked to evaluate the paper according to a list of categories listed in the CSE Review Form related to originality, methodology, presentation, standard, structure, style, language, and referencing.
  • Revision and Resubmission: Reviewed papers may require various degrees of revision. Authors are expected to respond to the reviewers’ comments by modification and/or explanation.
  • Editorial Decision: Editors decide whether the necessary modifications have been made and if explanations are accepted. Authors may be required to do further revisions for the paper to be accepted. 

For more information on peer reviewing and publishing ethics, check the following links:


  • Authors of accepted papers are requested to sign a Publication Consent Form, in which they confirm the originality of their paper and give CSE the right to publish their work.
  • CSE is published open access online on the Department of English, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University website (
  • Authors receive e-prints which they may share electronically.