The Old Man and The Qurʾān: Towards a New Intertextuality in Muhammad Enani’s Autumn’s Lyrics أغنيات الخريف" : عنانى بين التناص والتأليف"

Document Type : Original Article


Department of English. Damanhur University


The present paper has started from the realization that Muhammad Enani’s “Autum’s Lyrics” has not been studied yet from any perspective. It was written between the years 2020-2022 and published as an e-book in 2022 by Hendawi. The texts of Enani’s “Autum’s Lyrics” are believed to be highly intertextual with different quranic, historical and literary texts, among many others. The researcher assumes that uncovering such prospective features of intertextuality helps in a better understanding/interpretation of the literary work under research. For the scope and scale of the present paper, the researcher discusses only sixty examples of intertextuality, mostly quranic, and concludes that Enani’s intertextuality is creative, for he does not only quote from previous well-known texts, but he also adds and rewrites them creating new contexts. However, the thirty poems of the collection can never be discussed in a single paper. Future studies can tackle some unknown/uncovered areas such as the autobiographical nature of the collection, new examples of intertextuality, the characteristics of Enani’s creative writings at this age/ stage when he calls himself “The Old Man” in most of the poems of this collection and finally, the challenges of translating the style of/collection.

Keywords: “Autum’s Lyrics”, intertextuality, Muhammad Enani.